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This Homeschool Kit has enough supplies for 1-2 students.

Magical Magnetism

Magnets are fascinating for kids and in this lab, they will discover that a magnets power can go through the air and other items. They will also learn about compasses and the magnetic pull of the earth.

Materials included:

Paper Clips-2

Materials also needed:


Spinning White Light

The Spinning White Light Kit will have your students learning how to use a motor to spin a color circle and watch the colors turn white. They will also learn about prisms and white light.

Materials Included:

AA batteries-1
Crayons-8 pack-1

Materials not included:

Clear tape

Insect Orders

Kids love learning about insects in this hands-on kit. They will discover the different types of insects, and what makes an animal and insect, and how they are classified into groups.

Materials Included:

Plastic creatures-1 bags with 13 creatures
Model Magic-1 bag*

Other materials needed:

Water-based paint, paint brushes, water, paper cups for water, paper towels, and pencils.

*plenty to play with later

Your lab kit will include originals of all worksheets and directions. Copies may be made by the purchaser. If you would like originals emailed to you please contact us at orders [!at] with the name you ordered with.
Copies of student worksheets need to be made ahead of time, and depending on the lab there may be other basic prep.

Additional information

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Dimensions9 × 9 × 2 in


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