Homeschool Pack #1


  • Awesome Air Pressure/Straw Rocket
  • Bean Seed Dissection
  • Magnetic Attraction Science Lab Kits
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This Homeschool Kit comes with 3 of our kits and supplies for 1-2 students.

Awesome Air Pressure/Straw Rocket Lab

Kids can demonstrate with 2 experiments how air pressure pushes up, and use air pressure to make a helicopter spin as it falls to the ground.

Awesome Air Pressure includes:

  • 1 – Small Plastic cup
  • 2 – Small cardstock squares
  • 2 – Paper clips
  • 1 – Helicopter pattern

This activity will allow your students to construct a model of a rocket by following directions, testing the rocket, and learning how rockets work.

Straw Rocket Lab Includes:

  • 2 – Large Straws
  • 2 – Small Straws
  • 2 – Clay
  • Paper Fins-Original included for making copies for students

Bean Seed Dissection Lab

In the Bean Seed Dissection Lab, students will discover the parts of a lima bean seed by dissecting it, and discover what each part does.

Materials Included:

  • 4 – Lima Bean Seeds
  • 1 – Small cups
  • 1 – Magnifier
  • 1 – Plastic knife

Other materials needed:

Paper towels, water, pitcher, and pencils.

–This lab requires soaking the bean seeds for 4 hours before dissection, so plan for kids to start early in the day by introducing the lab and having the kids put their bean in water. Much more than 4 hours makes the beans mushy.

Magnetic Attraction Lab

What can a magnet attract? An eraser? A dime? In this lab, kids will predict what these objects are. They will also discover how magnets react to each other.

Materials included:

  • 3 pieces – Magnets.
  • 1 piece – Item to test baggie of 12 items.

Other materials needed:

  • Pencil

Your lab kit will include originals of all worksheets and directions. Copies may be made by the purchaser. If you would like originals emailed to you please contact us at orders [!at] with the name you ordered with.
Copies of student worksheets need to be made ahead of time, and depending on the lab there may be other basic prep.

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