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Your source for great science labs that are fun and easy to use.

We provide all the materials you need! Expert instructions by Doug Verner, science teacher with 35 years experience

  • Teacher instructions and student instructions.
  • Hands on learning for your students.
  • Most labs are reusable year after year.

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About Sheri Elmont

Sheri Elmont has been involved with kids for over 30 years. She is also the owner of Buckets-O-Fun, the sister company that sells all kinds of fun stuff like Finger Rockets, and lots of SLIME for groups games. She partnered with Doug Verner, self-described science geek to bring his fun and innovative science kits to the masses.

About Doug Verner

Doug Verner has been a science educator for over 35 years. He has taught every grade level from Kindergarten to High school. Mr. Verner has also been a district science mentor and a science specialist for schools. Mr. Verner recently retired for the fourth time as a science consultant and had run a science lab at a school part-time. He is now turning his attention to writing labs for Beakers-O-Fun. He is recognized as an expert in making science practical, hands-on and exciting for students.

What our Happy Clients Say

Doug Verner has an amazing breadth of knowledge in a large variety of science topics. His enthusiasm for science was infectious to the students whom he instructed. I also found him to be a mentor to me, always available to help me enlarge my understanding of the material I was unfamiliar with.

Sherry JohnsonMurrieta, CA

Mr. Verner has always been a blessing to both me and my class for science labs.  His love of science is contagious and it shows whenever he instructs my class. He just recently came to my class and led a demonstration on the different type of rocks and how to identify them. The class left with a deeper understanding of how scientist in the field can test rocks/minerals and classify them. He did a fantastic job engaging the students as always!

Stacey ArnoldThird-grade teacher at CalvaryChapel Murrieta Christian School, CA

My kindergarten class could not wait to see Mr. Verner.  They LOVED science time with Mr. Verner because he made everything come alive to them. His “hands-on” demonstrations and enthusiasm for what he presented would cause them to walk away with a renewed appreciation of science.  He also always gave the students a chance to handle materials which enabled them to walk away with applicable knowledge.

Marjorie PittardKindergarten Teacher at Calvary Murrieta Christian School, CA

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